Welcome to my Street Team!

I would LOVE for you to be a part of the street team for my debut book, Oddly Enough! As a part of the street team (book launch team), you’re a vital part of our pre-launch process. You’re in charge of spreading the word in the “streets". So yeah I guess you’re basically my gang, ride or die, or maybe more like,“read or die”?? We only have 1,000 spots available, so there are requirements to join. If we run out of spots, everyone who applies will still receive the first 2 chapters as long as you're willing to post your honest reviews. 


Whatcha gotta do:

-Fill out an application. 

-Pre-order Oddly Enough and share about the book on your social media, channels, book clubs, etc.

-Participate in Street Team activities

-Review the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoofReads.

-Participate in the private Facebook group-tell me how the book impacts you personally, 

share quotes/memes on social media, use #OddlyEnough, participate in FB group activities, spread the word.


What do you get? 

-Sneak peeks of the first 5 chapters of Oddly Enough in September via Netgalley. 

-A signed bookplate for your book. 

-Membership to a private Street Team Facebook group. 

- Exclusive Weekly giveaways (shirts, gift cards, my left kidney if you need it.)

-Live feed readings and Q&A’s with me, Carolann, personally through Facebook live chat.

-Guidance every step of the way with suggested posts, content, and memes. 

- A behind the scenes glimpse of the book launch process. 


How do you join?

-Pre-order Odd(ly) Enough: Standing Out When the World Begs You to Fit In on Amazon($11.99*), Barnes & Noble ($13.19*), Christianbook.com ($10.99*), Cokesbury ($9.99*), or another retailer of your choice (*prices as of 8/20/18)

-Fill out the super short launch team form by clicking the button below!






Come join us! We're going to have a blast!



Carolanne Miljavac