SHE LAUGHS! In the face of...
Hopeless situations.
Life's struggles.

And you can too!

Join CA Miljavac on a journey of joy.  She believes with all her heart that laughter is a gift, providing a sliver of distraction from whatever struggle you might be facing...relief when you need rescuing...hope in the midst of hardship.

Though her life has been dotted with disaster, it's through laughter that she found the strength and courage to persevere...joy for the journey.  And she'll help you discover all the ways laughter can carry you through your very own painful situations.

In ten laugh-til-you-cry chapters, Miljavac shares how laughter has been an essential and valuable part of her own healing, plus hilarious true stories will help you get started on the path to a life of peace and joy.
"Poverty, abuse, and cancer all these years later have been worked out for good according to His purpose. I’m so ecstatic for readers to laugh, cry, and rejoice with me as we walk through the revelation that everything you thought made you unworthy is actually what makes you exactly enough for the unique calling on your life. It’s your quirks, your weirdness, and the lessons learned in your ditches that make you valuable, not useless...Oddly Enough."